"Everything You've Heard About Me Is True" Solo: A Star Wars Story [TRAILER]

With less than 2 months before it hits theatres, we finally have a full trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story! We finally get a better idea of the plot, as well as a better look at a lot of the characters.

Once again Lando steals the show. Donald Glover's take on Lando Calrissian is so instantly charismatic that I sincerely hope that he doesn't overshadow Alden Ehrenreich. As many know the production was full of rumor and controversy and with a limited filmography, many fans are nervous if he can pull off a decent Harrison Ford impression.

Chewbacca is a delight as always and I'm very excited to see him get fleshed out since so much of his story is part of the de-canonized "Legends" extended universe, with very little happening on screen aside from The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Rounding out the cast is The Khaleesi herself, Emelia Clarke and  Woody Harelson as Woody Harelson. Along with everyone's favorite androids who dream of electric sheep, Westworld's Thandie Newton and Marvel's The Vision aka Paul Bettany.

Speaking of droids, Pheobe Waller-Bridge as the first lady droid on the big screen (sorry BB8) as L3-37, who seems like she'll be a blast. It's nice to see them giving us a female droid and based on this trailer, she seems like a welcome addition to the ranks.

All in all, the trailer gives everyone a lot to hope for. Here's hoping the end of May is cause for celebration rather than an endless flood of click bait disguised as think pieces about Solo.

Check out the trailer, and share your thoughts in the comment section!

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