Drink Up! Marvel's Jessica Jones Renewed for Season 3 [TV]

Netflix has ordered a third season of Marvel's Jessica Jones! Based on the neo-noir comic series Alias, the series from Mellissa Rosenberg reimagined the meta hard-drinking PI and former superhero for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in doing so, along with star Krysten Ritter, provided one of the most deeply affecting portraits of sexual trauma.

The first season, which explored the fall out from Jessica's time as a captive of Kilgrave aka The Purple Man. In the comics, a literally purple asshole who can make anyone do whatever he wants. While Alias was full of delightful meta moments, such as Jessica's high school crush on classmate Peter Parker, or that no one, not even bestie Captain Marvel noticed when she disappeared, the show traded the sly winks that worked so well in the comics, for a gritty nuanced take on Jessica.

Centering a show on an alcoholic survivor of sexual assault who just happens to be one of the strongest humans on earth seemed like a wild shot. But with it's noir tone, focus on the emotional fallout victims face after assault and a complex protagonist who's only real call to duty is making amends for the things Kilgrave has done in his attempts to torture (or if you ask him, woo) her out of a combination of revenge and sense of ownership over her.

Taking a brief foray into team up territory, Jessica joined former lover Luke Cage along with Daredevil, Iron Fist and everyone's favorite Night Nurse: Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple to fight the undead ninja cult The Hand, lead by Sigourney "There is Only Zhul" Weaver. While it was an enjoyable adventure, Jessica was often sidelined in favor of Daredevil and Iron Fist whose stories are more rooted in the Hand mythos.

In it's second season, the show doubled down on it's morally gray story telling. Exploring the origin of Jessica's powers, as well as the aftermath of the car crash that killed her family. While some felt the lack of a clearly defined villain hurt the show, many including myself think that the complex dynamics that ultimately lead to the reveal of who the true villain has been all along made for some of the most reward TV of the year. 

With a third season announced, it looks like a strong possibility that we will be seeing the conflicts among the core characters of Jessica, Malcolm, and Patsy play out in interesting ways given how each character was left at the end of season 2.

Based on it's current slate of Marvel properties, we will have to wait until after new seasons of Luke Cage (June 22nd), along with Iron Fist, Daredevil and new addition The Punisher which are each in various stages of production, before we see more of our favorite drunk PI, with a late 2019 debut seeming like a strong possibility.

VIA Deadline

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