New On Home Video! [April 10th]

 Check out what is new to DVD and Bluray today! We have cannibals, freaks, warriors and Daniel Day Lewis!

My Friend Dahmer Based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel, written by one of infamous Gay Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, this movie tells gives us a peek into Dahmer's life before he started killing, dismembering and eating men. 

Featuring former Disney star, and future Harvey Kinkle on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as the titular Dahmer, along with Anne Heche in the completely unhinged role of Mother Dahmer. An excellent movie which manages to make you both horrified and feel sad for teenage Dahmer. 

The Greatest Showman Hugh Jackman goes full tilt musical in the highly fictional and very catchy interpretation of PT Barnum, founder of one of the most popular circuses. Featuring Oscar-nominated numbers and a bevvy of freaks, it's the perfect musical for weirdos and Broadway lovers.  

Mohawk The classic subgenre of the revenge horror film, gets a fresh take with this period piece. Featuring an Aboriginal lead and lots of blood and violence, find out what all the critics were raving about after it's festival showings. 

The Phantom Thread Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Paul Thomas Anderson is a master of his craft. Daniel Day Lewis nabbed another Oscar nom for playing a designer. If you're over Lewis as I am, check it out for a fantastic performance by Lesley Manville. 

All of these can be found at your local video store, online and wherever you buy your physical media.

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