Opening This Weekend [April 6th]

A Quiet Place  The Office's John Krasinski writes, directs and stars opposite his wife Emily Blunt in this horror flick in which something monstrous hunts a family, triggered by even the slightest sound. With critical raves across the board, the only thing to keep this movie from being amazing is the risk of someone talking during the movie.

Blockers  A sex comedy in which a group of young women vows to lose their virginities on Prom Night. But when overprotective and hilarious parents catch wind of their daughter's plan, hijinks ensue to keep them from fulfilling their pact. With an the always hilarious Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz of MAD TV and The Mindy Project and Pro-Wrestler/Real Life He-Man turned surprisingly funny actor, it looks like a funny and fresh take on the standard loose your virginity at prom plots that have become standard fare.

Chappaquiddick  Based on the true story of Ted Kennedy's involvement in a car crash that left a young woman dead, it boasts a solid cast and intriguing premise. Come for Kate Mara's eyebrows, stay for the based on a true story realness.

Lean On Pete  A sad movie about a boy and his horse. Perfect fare if you are looking to have a good cry. It boasts Steve Buscemi, Chloe Sevigny and up and comer Charlie Plummer. Avoid it if you aren't a fan of movies where the animal probably ends up dying.

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