Top 5 Moments from Riverdale: Carrie The Musical [TV]

The CW's answer to Twin Peaks/Dark Archie series Riverdale served up one of it's best episodes to date tonight with Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember! 

Everyone's favorite small town gay who likes cruising in fox forest in short shorts, Kevin Keller is directing Riverdale High's school musical! And since this is Riverdale, of course, they are doing Carrie: The Musical! Yes, that is right, of all the cult classic musicals, they are serving us Carrie White on Broadway! The much maligned and reworked stage musical based on Stephen King's chilling novel and the classic Brian De Palma adaptation sees what is probably the widest audience in its history. Without further adieu, let's break down the top 10 moments from tonight's episode! 

Obviously spoilers, so please be aware!

1. The Gang is serving 70s nostalgia realness! As Kevin tells his new behind the scenes documentarian Jughead, his vision is going Full Depalma with the costuming. The result gives us such goodies as Veronica in full Latina Chris Hargensen fantasy. Betty of course with a great 70s blowout as goodie Sue Snell. And Toni "Antonia" Topaz as Norma, complete with rainbow tee and iconic red ballcap. 

2. Eat your heart out Glee! Joining the ranks of shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer in delivering a stellar musical episode is tough. But thanks to some pretty stellar singers across the board, Riverdale sings the house down. Aside from characters we already know can sing (Cheryl, Veronica, Josie, Betty, and Archie), we also see characters like Kevin, Toni, and Chuck. And not to mention Ethel, who has a VOICE (and who we agree was born to play Carrie White) and Alice who we will talk about soon.

3. Cheryl's Journey Continues! The shows decision to take the ultimate mean girl and queen bee Cheryl, and build her into a nuanced layered character, was genius. She has suffered at the hands of her family. From an early age, she was told that she was sick and evil for her same-sex urges. To give her a coming out arc. Having her love interest break her out of conversion therapy in one of the series most romantic and heartbreaking moments. And thankfully, that story isn't going anywhere. After taking the part through equal parts sheer force of will and musical prowess, we see her mother snatch the musical away from her out of spite and cruelty. So when Cheryl shows up in Carrie drag, covered in blood, clutching a candelabra and threatening to burn this mother down, it felt earned. Even if it was also quite possibly the most extra way a person has ever demanded emancipation from their family ever.

4. Madchen Amick in Piper Laurie Drag! In possibly the most meta thing the show has done to date, Kevin casts Alice Cooper (Madchen Amick) as Margaret White. Madchen played the iconic Shelley on Twin Peaks, along with Piper Laurie, who famously brought the deranged Margaret to life in the 1976 film version of Carrie. While the show gives us other great Alice Cooper Lewks™ including a leather and snake print number to try and hook up with FP at Pops, it's her black church cape ensemble and white nighties topped with wild tightly curled hair that had us gagging.

5. The Black Hood, In The Closet with All Of The Sharp Objects! While we are robbed of a proper rendition of the school musical, we are treated to the shocking reveal! While I knew something dramatic was going to happen, I definitely would not have guessed that the final moments of the episode would involve Cheryl's understudy Midge being revealed on stage, stabbed through with countless knives and other sharp objects in an homage to the fate of Margaret White. What's even more, the message written in blood by The Black Hood, who it turns out was behind the threatening letters Kevin received, and the sandbag that almost smushed Cheryl earlier in the episode. While it would be wrong to hope that Midge's death could lead to a love triangle between Kevin, Fangs, and Moose, I will say that she hadn't been present enough to really feel like her death is a loss from the audience's perspective. But her death does seem like it will be a turning point for the season, returning to the hunt for The Black Hood.

And then there's everything else that happened!

  • Betty was a total bitch to Veronica, but then Archie convinced her Veronica isn't a total Slytherin and maybe having Voldemort for a dad is why she sometimes does terrible things? So why not makeup?
  • Alice, feeling all kinds of ways after FP's rejection, somehow manages to call Hal and next thing you know, he's gonna move back? Paging The Black Hood, I have your next victim!
  • Archie returned the fancy car Hiram got him and sold his music equipment to get a clunker for him and Fred to fix up. The fight for who gets to be Archie's daddy continues!
  • Kevin is kind of a total diva when directing? But also his minor interactions with Fangs are golden! Where's my tea?
  • Speaking of Fangs, he was the last person we see with Midge backstage before she ends up looking like St. Sebastian.
With so many suspects, it's anyone's guess on who the killer(s) is(are). With 4 episodes left, it looks like we are in for lots of twists and turns, not to mention buckets of blood in the coming weeks. Check back next week as we talk Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners!

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