Amazon Has Renewed The Expanse!

Forgive me TV Gods for I have sinned. After loving every minute of the first season of Syfy's The Expanse, I never continued with the second season. I don't have cable and by the time I had realized it was back, most of the season had passed. It became a show that I kept wanting to pick back up. I just never got around to it.

And yes I know, people like me are why this gem of a show was canceled at SyFy. But in my defense, Canadian ratings don't affect a US network choosing to cancel a TV show. So blame my American equivalents who let this gem of a show slip by in the ratings in this The Golden Age of TV.

But the guilt of The Expanse's death is no longer weighing on me because after the show's Stans rallied and have convinced Amazon to pick the show up for its 4th season. Apparently the head of Amazon also stans the show!

Now that it's renewed, I guess I will have to get caught up on the show.

The Toni Collette Emoji

Never have I ever: felt more emotionally invested in an Emoji as I have with the Toni Collette Emoji being used to promote her new horror film Hereditary. 

The film, which is shrouded in mystery (and which I have actively avoided all but the first trailer), is about a woman dealing with the death of her mother. 

The hype for the film has been absolutely through the roof since it screened at Sundance. Many are calling it the scariest film they have seen in years. While I normally try to manage my hype levels, I've loved most of the films that have been lauded as the scariest thing in years after debuting at festivals. See: It Follows, The Babadook, The Witch. 

And of course, anything with Toni Collette is worth seeing. Since her Academy Award nomination for The Sixth Sense, she's done kept up with roles in horror and genre projects. I especially enjoyed her in the Fright Night remake (which grew on me after my initial dislike upon its release), Krampus (which was an absolutely nasty delight) and the underrated Hitchcock (where she plays Hitchcock's longtime assistant Peggy Robertson).

Seeing her immortalized as a screaming Emoji, makes me wish I could have her all the time, not just when using the hashtags #Hereditary, #IGotItFromMyMother, #ToniCollette and my favorite #SatanicGrandma

Check out the trailer below. Hereditary opens in theatres June 8th.

Somebody's Killing Puppets

I am inordinately excited for the latest from Brian Henson, son of the late great Jim Henson, father of The Muppets. The Happytime Murders is a raunchy cop comedy chock full of puppets trying to suck Melissa McCarthy's non-existent dick.

Not since Meet the Feebles have we seen this much dirty puppetry! With some great humans being directed by the man who brought us The Muppet Christmas Carol AND Muppet Treasure Island, Happytime Murders has future cult classic written all over it!

Mustaches and Slashers and Gay Porn, Oh My!

I loves me some Pedro Almodovar, so when I saw that Vulture referred to the film as what the auteur might have made of a retro slasher, I was in. Let alone My New Plaid Pants likening it to something by Canada's own Homo-Provocateur Bruce LaBruce, I knew I was in for a treat of a trailer. In addition to serving some fantastic and authentic 70s vibes, the film is also giving me shades of Argento and De Palma. The trailer plays like they were all at some fancy director party, and found some quaaludes in a couch cushion and went to town.

It has everything! Mustaches! Vanessa Paradis' tooth gap! (Who does better work in just the trailer than her ex-hubby Johnny Depp has done in years.) Gay porn! Murder! A queer leading lady who may be both killer and or victim! What isn't to love! And without Harvey Weinstein around to buy the rights only to shelve the film (still bitter about French cult classic Livide), fingers crossed it will get a decent sized limited release!

Check out the trailer right now!  

Tully [REVIEW]

It is fitting that I saw Tully on Mother’s Day. With my own mom in a different city, it seemed fitting to celebrate mothers with a film that is such an unflinching and honest portrait of the difficult and beautiful role these women play in our lives. Director Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody reunite for the third time in what is possibly my favorite of their collaborations. Tully acts as a kind of conclusion to an unofficial trilogy comprised of Juno, Young Adult and Tully.

The basic premise of the film is pretty straight forward. Marlo is a mom of two, who is expecting a third any day now. Her son, who is in kindergarten has a plethora of emotional needs as a result of a yet to be named disorder which seems to be on the autism spectrum. Charlize Theron delivers an astonishingly raw performance. Watching the film, I wanted nothing more than to draw her a bath, take the kids to the park and give her a moments peace. Something she doesn’t seem to have had since the birth of her second child.

Marlo’s stresses come to a head when the baby arrives and she finds herself completely overwhelmed by her children’s needs. At her breaking point, she concedes to a gift offered by her brother, a night nanny named Tully.

Tully, played by McKenzie Davis is effortlessly cool, while also somehow managing to know exactly what newborn Mia needs, but more importantly what Marlo needs. She whisks in and essentially saves Marlo. She dotes on the baby, cleans the house and leaves flowers in a vase on the table. She bakes cupcakes for Marlo to take in for her son’s class. She is the life line to a woman who was drowning in the tide of her own life.

I won’t get into the various twists that the movie slowly unfolds for the viewer. And while I’m not about to spoil them, the twists aren’t what make this movie what it is. Many writers can pull the rug out from under you in the final act. The dialogue is possibly Cody’s best yet. The stand outs for me are Marlo’s interactions with the school administrator. It’s the perfect balance of wit, combined with the thoughts most people don’t say out loud. But then most people aren’t spiralling as result of lack of sleep, stress and general and complete physical exhaustion.

At the center of the film is Charlize Theron doing some of her best work yet. As Marlo she is covered in metaphorical wounds. From the lives she could have had, the lovers left in the past, the ones earned protecting her son from his own anxieties. Marlo is at the center of the film, almost always in frame. We see her at her bock rottom, and we see her at her idealized self. Throughout it all, Theron imbues her with a sense of realness. Of a woman who can carry the wait on her shoulders, but who suffers deeply as a result of the burden. Years from now, we'll still be talking about this performance. While the film may be overlooked in favor of flashier fare come election season, history will remember this powerhouse performance alongside her roles Aileen Wuornos and Grand Imperator Furiosa.

 Once you are done collecting all of your emotions when the end credits roll, call your Mom. She loves you and could probably stand to hear how much you love and appreciate the whole giving you life thing.

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