Amazon Has Renewed The Expanse!

Forgive me TV Gods for I have sinned. After loving every minute of the first season of Syfy's The Expanse, I never continued with the second season. I don't have cable and by the time I had realized it was back, most of the season had passed. It became a show that I kept wanting to pick back up. I just never got around to it.

And yes I know, people like me are why this gem of a show was canceled at SyFy. But in my defense, Canadian ratings don't affect a US network choosing to cancel a TV show. So blame my American equivalents who let this gem of a show slip by in the ratings in this The Golden Age of TV.

But the guilt of The Expanse's death is no longer weighing on me because after the show's Stans rallied and have convinced Amazon to pick the show up for its 4th season. Apparently the head of Amazon also stans the show!

Now that it's renewed, I guess I will have to get caught up on the show.

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