Mustaches and Slashers and Gay Porn, Oh My!

I loves me some Pedro Almodovar, so when I saw that Vulture referred to the film as what the auteur might have made of a retro slasher, I was in. Let alone My New Plaid Pants likening it to something by Canada's own Homo-Provocateur Bruce LaBruce, I knew I was in for a treat of a trailer. In addition to serving some fantastic and authentic 70s vibes, the film is also giving me shades of Argento and De Palma. The trailer plays like they were all at some fancy director party, and found some quaaludes in a couch cushion and went to town.

It has everything! Mustaches! Vanessa Paradis' tooth gap! (Who does better work in just the trailer than her ex-hubby Johnny Depp has done in years.) Gay porn! Murder! A queer leading lady who may be both killer and or victim! What isn't to love! And without Harvey Weinstein around to buy the rights only to shelve the film (still bitter about French cult classic Livide), fingers crossed it will get a decent sized limited release!

Check out the trailer right now!  

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