The Toni Collette Emoji

Never have I ever: felt more emotionally invested in an Emoji as I have with the Toni Collette Emoji being used to promote her new horror film Hereditary. 

The film, which is shrouded in mystery (and which I have actively avoided all but the first trailer), is about a woman dealing with the death of her mother. 

The hype for the film has been absolutely through the roof since it screened at Sundance. Many are calling it the scariest film they have seen in years. While I normally try to manage my hype levels, I've loved most of the films that have been lauded as the scariest thing in years after debuting at festivals. See: It Follows, The Babadook, The Witch. 

And of course, anything with Toni Collette is worth seeing. Since her Academy Award nomination for The Sixth Sense, she's done kept up with roles in horror and genre projects. I especially enjoyed her in the Fright Night remake (which grew on me after my initial dislike upon its release), Krampus (which was an absolutely nasty delight) and the underrated Hitchcock (where she plays Hitchcock's longtime assistant Peggy Robertson).

Seeing her immortalized as a screaming Emoji, makes me wish I could have her all the time, not just when using the hashtags #Hereditary, #IGotItFromMyMother, #ToniCollette and my favorite #SatanicGrandma

Check out the trailer below. Hereditary opens in theatres June 8th.

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